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fighting_spoon [userpic]


January 21st, 2008 (09:45 pm)

current mood: amused

Talk about provoking a reaction - the best bit it, you are deliberatly coming here to see what I have written to whinge about it!! I take it as a compliment to be noticed actually.

Thanks, you lot have really, really made my day. *bows and tips hat*

fighting_spoon [userpic]

What I've Learnt So Far

January 21st, 2008 (08:10 pm)

current mood: crazy

Well, it's been a mixed bag of responses - so people happy, others not so.... 

But, I have a couple of comments - 

Firstly, to the person who has thanked me for bringing them back to spoon - I'd like to say that the reason I took it upon myself to do this was in reaction to many of my fellow writers who were confused by the sudden changes and when they asked about them got back standard replies of 'Thank you, your comments have been noted.' I wasn't trying to start a fight with Spoon Mods, I was just hoping to get a rounder picture of who was thinking what and I'm glad you've gone over to spoon. 

Second, to the person who decided to flame me. Thank you, you just proved the point I was trying to make about this. My spelling on my post may not have been tip top, but I have never once submitted a fic and got it rejected on grounds of grammer, spelling or anything else to do with English, in part, that is helped by my fablous beta who does iron out those little niggles. I just like the fact you were brave enough to put these comments to me with a name attached, thus leaving me to wonder who else you have launched similar attacks on. 

Thirdly, thank you to every one thus far who has commented and given opinions - and please keep giving them. Remember, anon is best on here.

fighting_spoon [userpic]

Talk To Me....

January 19th, 2008 (09:51 pm)

Right, let's get to the hub of the problem, below is a survey of questions that I would like everyone to answer, please reply either by email to nenyauk@yahoo.co.uk or as an anon reply - that way, you can't get sprung on by the Teaspoon Mods who are more than happy to press that ban button if you say something they don't agree with. 

Below is what I want to know - many of me and my fellow writers are upset with the turn of events and not being able to get any answers from Spoon. The results of this little poll will be posted on my journal as collective information and I will not be giving any names to whofic. 

Please note that this survey is for everyone and all opinions are welcome.

fighting_spoon [userpic]

Conversations with the Spoon

January 19th, 2008 (08:06 pm)

Well, after many, many comments that I have noticed since A Teaspoon and an Open Mind changed there Guildlines to posting and started modding all fics, I decided to write to them to get my points across, and the points of many writers have been noting - submission is taking too long - with up to 14 hours wait since submitting a story to it appearing on Teaspoon. 

Here's what has happened so far...

Email One - What The Hell Is Going On?Collapse ) 
To Follow On, They Replied Thus...

The First Reply From TeaspoonCollapse )
Well, I just find this unacceptable - hardly any of my orginal questions were answered, and I'm not one to let it lie....

Next Email - Wonder If I Get Any Further With ThisCollapse )

And finally, the replied thus - didn't even address me by name.

The Reply - I'm Sure This Was Just a Copy and Paste Job...Collapse )

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